A slip in time — a simple injury and relearning the medical system

This is about the best that the trail looked — it often disappeared and reappeared, especially when close to Kangaroo Creek.

Hospital Visit 1: This is simple

Leigh is very skeptical that this is really a great trail. The trail is skeptical that I know where I’m going.

Hospital Visit 2:

They draw an outline in pen so they can track whether the infection is growing or shrinking. If it shrinks, that’s good. If it grows, they draw another line.

Hospital Visit 3:

My Nephrologist steps in

Hospital Visit 4: Futility

An imaging report, in a foreign language called “medicine.”

What did I learn?

Medical staff are challenged during COVID, be sympathetic to them

GPs are more of a referral engine than a care coordinator

Australia is missing internal medicine in hospitals

The system cannot handle “half-serious” cases

Not the worst view in the world, but I’d rather be in my own bed.

They call it practising medicine for a reason

And yet, no bill…




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Bryan J. Rollins

Bryan J. Rollins

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at http://eepurl.com/dhhmvr

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