An update on Chapter 2!

Every once in a while you need to use an image that is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, but simply reflects your mood at the time of writing.
  1. The number of startups that I could work with simultaneously was no more than 10. Oh, wait… no, more like 6 or less. Okay, actually, it’s 4, with each getting 1 day per week. Scratch that — it’s really about 1.75.
  2. I wanted to get back to being involved, not just advising. Achievement unlocked. Since September, I’ve helped fundraise. I’ve helped recruit and interview. I’ve helped plan strategy. I’ve run leadership team meetings. I’ve planned and run several leadership off-sites. I’ve written financial plan. I’ve pitched investors. I’ve spent a lot of hours advising entrepreneurs.
  3. I’ve said “No” much more than I’m comfortable with. You’d think I’d be used to it as a product manager, but I’m not. There are a ton of great companies out there, who are working on great things, who I’d love to work with. But I have to focus.

Insects, Robots, Economics, Oh My!

OneSmallStep for the planet


And more…

Verve Super. Why not invest in a way that supports you and your values?

Room To Read — Education at risk

More blogs to come

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Bryan J. Rollins

Bryan J. Rollins

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at

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