Are you insane? (A Trip to ‘Merica during Covid-19)

I don’t miss the US medical system

When we first contemplated traveling to the US, we weren’t even sure how it was possible. After calls with Ajuria (the best immigration lawyers I’ve ever encountered), they helped us understand that getting to and from the US because of a medical reason was very doable, but would take some work.

This airport is coming like a ghost airport

Doesn’t matter what your elite status is or isn’t these days.
The emptiness of the airport makes it easy to get through, but there’s a tomb-like feeling, that reminds you of the reason for why there aren’t people flying.
There were only four flights leaving Sydney that night.
In Haneda (Tokyo), they keep the canceled flights on the monitor. Here, only one is not canceled.
But at least they have Star Wars themed planes! Alright, Chewie, let’s go.

Enter, the US

Leigh and I chose to spend two weeks in voluntary isolation. The CDC in the US doesn’t even recommend quarantine (I’m so proud of Australia — it hasn’t been perfect but we’re back to single digit cases nationwide and have had days recently with 0 cases nationwide, in contrast to the US record setting 100,000 in a day).

Our Airbnb in Kinsale, Virginia. I had forgotten how peaceful life can be and how great it is to have a view that doesn’t have people in it.
There are plenty of corn fields and soybean fields around — and here’s where they load the harvest onto a barge. Water is a wonderful thing.
Virginia forests are so great. I have to admit I miss the colours you see in the US Fall — Australia just doesn’t compare in this category. But, we have wombats.

And yes, the Election

I doubt it’s any surprise that my opinion of the 45th US President couldn’t be lower. It hurts me that my former homeland has fallen prey to a wave of lies and scare tactics that have divided the country even further. While Trump is just the repulsive next phase of the divisive Holy War started by Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, there’s very little doubt that Fox News and the Murdoch Press have damaged the world we live in (both in the US and Australia). Being a centrist is tough work these days. I’m exhausted.

It’s not about his beliefs. It’s about how he’s not fit on any scale to be a leader.
I’d like to spend the next 4,320 minutes going through every county on this map because they built this really cool touch screen software for me, and I’m going to drive it like I stole it.
Mom, Sister, Bro-in-law, Leigh, BJR. It’s really nice to be here even if the world outside is a bit messed up.



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