Cluxing along the Scenic Rim Trail

Bryan J. Rollins
3 min readSep 4, 2022

I am known globally as a trend setter and so much of our modern vocabulary originated from my own creativity, like Unclets or Auntlets: The plural for nieces and nephews (and Vic, again, niephews is not going to happen).

And, now I would like to introduce “Cluxing” — it’s not camping, it’s not even glamping— it’s ridiculous, luxury camping that is much more resort that campground. Lamping, Luxing, Clamping, and Privileged Time In the Outdoors were all rejected.

And I have to admit, this cluxing was a great time:

Leigh and I spent five days on the Scenic Rim Trail in Queensland. It was our first experience with Spicer’s, which has a catalog of adventures that are simultaneously high-end luxury and sustainable. The family behind Spicer’s have done amazing things and put an incredible amount of investment into preserving some amazing parts of Australia, and then creating low-impact experiences around them. And then providing chef quality meals and amazing places to stay.

Everyone does one final gear check before we leave. Did I bring the solar nose hair clippers?

The hike is not difficult — you’re covering under 20 km a day, and only the first day involves a lot of sustained vertical. If it’s wet, you have to be careful with your step, but the trail is well maintained and of course the guides are there to make sure you don’t eat any poisonous rocks.

I’m not going to (for once) go through all the details of the trip, and just settle for text captions for the humour impaired.

These short, flat topped trees are ideal for sitting but they seem to grow at a very slow rate
Some old logging equipment along the way. This is called a “winder” because it winds. Very creative.
This is the back end of a wagon/cart used to hall timber. It would be on the other end of the winder, being let down the mountain towards the river, where the trees would be floated away. Goodbye trees, hello sawdust.
Solar (and batteries) everywhere. 💚
The restaurants we stopped in for lunch were spectacular.
The remains of a dinosaur who was flattened by two other bully dinosaurs
In case of bush fire, these boxes will hold 6 people for an hour. They also recommend opening the box after 30 minutes to add seasoning and stir.
The crew at the final five star breakfast!

Would I recommend the Scenic Rim Trail? If you have a partner who doesn’t look forward to five nights in a damp tent, it’s a fantastic option to do a multi-day hike. The guides are excellent, the food is insanely good, and it seems to attract hikers who deeply love the outdoors (but also enjoy a nice glass of red or four).