Fixing Australian Government: My personal matching campaign for Climate 200

Bryan J. Rollins
3 min readMar 17, 2022

I’ve set up a $75,000 matching campaign with Climate 200 and would love for you to join my in supporting independent candidates in Australia! (Note: for Australian residents only)

The floods in Queensland and Northern New South Wales in Australia are just the latest impact from our changing climate, with only more severe events to come in the future.

Some regions of Australia received almost a meter of rain in one week…

I’ve been an Australian citizen for almost five years now, and focused on the problems around climate change since returning from my sabbatical in 2019. Over the last three years, my belief that entrepreneurs can make an enormous difference is even stronger than it was before.

The Australian Government gets an “F”

But across startups, home owners, councils, even large corporates — there is no question that the Australian Federal government is not only holding us back from the change we need but actively moving us in the opposite direction. We are the worst country in the OECD, 55th place, dead last, with a score of ZERO, in relation to climate policy.

We know that we don’t have any time left. The policies that are put in place in the next three years will dictate whether we have a chance to meet our targets or continue to be one of the worlds largest carbon emitters.

I have been looking for a way to have an impact on the coming election. My approach in life has always been about finding the smartest people and working with them — lucky for me, Climate 200 was created just for this purpose.

I’ve seen that my local MP will vote with his party (against any solid climate policy) as his party is held captive by fossil fuel companies. But if just 3 more climate savvy independents succeed at the next federal election, together they could have enough votes to finally force meaningful climate action and clean up politics. Climate 200 was formed for just that purpose, to elect independents who will actually vote for the policies that their communities want, rather than just what is dictated by the political party.

For example. Allegra Spender is the independent candidate in my electorate — super smart, high integrity, and better economic thinking than you see from either party. A clear example of the change we need, now.

Together with Climate 200, we’ve set up a $75,000 matching campaign!

Double Matching Challenge

I’ll double match every donation you make to Climate 200 until March 31st. Time is critical and earlier donations have a bigger impact.

🇦🇺 Note: Climate 200 can only receive donations from Australian residents (legal requirement for political donations in Australia)

For every 1K donated, you get a “BJR raffle ticket”

We’ll pick one winner from all the tickets who gets to choose from one of the following options:

If you’re an Australian resident, please consider making a donation here!

Thanks for your support!