Groundhog’s Year: My second hotel quarantine

It seems like it was just December and I was leaving hotel quarantine at the sub-par Novotel in Homebush. Yet:

Here I go again on my own,
Quarantine me and I-I will atone
Really wish I would have brought my trombone
But I’ve made up my mind
I’m going to strengthen my behind
But here I go aga-a-a-in

I could see Darling Harbour just off to the right. This room has a better view that my home office. And my commute to a bed is even shorter.

I landed in Sydney after a month in the US taking care of my mom, and was guided on to the quarantine bus! Most people expressed their condolences knowing I was about to go through a second round of quarantine — but it was easy. I knew what I was getting into and was prepared:

Aussie Hotel Quarantine is largely the same as last year, with only a few changes:

Vegemite and a few other goodies upon arrival, and a bottle of champagne for your final night!
A hamper from Brighte to celebrate a team milestone was a great surprise in quarantine (I did not eat the beef jerky)

I left quarantine at the time of my choosing (4:30 AM, why stay another minute?), came home, and within a few hours was swimming in the ocean. Despite how easy it was, here’s to never doing it again.



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