Home, briefly: Six weeks in Oz

A Spa Adventure

Ningaloo Venturing

  • Turquoise Bay: Worth the drive. Amazing coral. Great drift dive. Make sure you know how to swim and read the warning signs. In peak season, get their early or you won’t even get parking.
  • Traella Beach. My favourite, because no one was there and I could swim back and forth. No real coral to speak of.
  • Oyster Stacks. Great snorkel-ing, but you have to time it correctly with the tide (go at high tide only), or you will hurt the coral.
  • There are lots of other small beaches, like Lakeside, T-bone, Mesa, and Neds, that are largely deserted and where you can get away from most other people.
Drones are kinda cool.
  • The now defunct Vlaming Head Lighthouse is worth driving to for sunset, especially if you have a partially cloudy day.
  • The Mangrove Bay Observation Bird Hide is definitely worth an early wake-up and drive out. Try and catch it at sunrise, even if (like me) you think birds aren’t as interesting as wolverines.
  • Skip the Jurabi Turtle Centre unless you’re willing to go at night during Turtle hatching season and bring your red flashlight and sand crawling skills.
  • Coral Bay is beautiful, though be prepared for lots of people who are staying near by. Also be on the lookout for annoying Brits.
  • Ningaloo Whale Shark dive is a great company to use if you want the best in the business and are excited about making new shark friends.
  • The Ningaloo Lodge is a great place to stay with standard rooms and a fully loaded kitchen for your very own family style cooking. Owners could not be friendlier or more generous.
  • The Yardie Creek trail is short but interesting. Elsewhere on the peninsula, the 3K Gorge Trail is pretty nice and rocky. But nothing I saw qualifies as a real hike, though there is supposedly an 8k hike around the gorge, but you’d better have a whale shark full of water or you’ll get dehydrated, and die.
Dan the Safety Dingo says, “Make sure to bring enough water or I will feast on your carcass.”

Lost at Home and the Autumn Flu

I had missed this.

A Crisis of Planet and of Government

I did not know that I had captured my feelings about the Australian election results two weeks in advance.

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Bryan J. Rollins

Bryan J. Rollins

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at http://eepurl.com/dhhmvr

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