I am in a year of trying out being vegetarian, or vegan whenever possible (i.e. falling back to vegetarian whenever I’m starving). So, can you be a vegan in Eastern Europe? Well, at least on one street in Krakow, you definitely can.

I didn’t book the serviced apartment knowing anything other than it was close to the city center, but it turned out I had picked the animal-product-free epicenter of vegan food in Krakow, on Krupnicza street.

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I stayed where the arrow is pointing. There are not big arrows just wandering around in Krakow.

Green Foods for brekkie

Each day after, I made breakfast for myself, with peanut butter toast and some fruit.

Tata Burger for pre-lunch

Bike Tour — “dinner”

Sissi — for supper

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Vegan stew at Sissi

Dining alone is sometimes a challenge for me, but never if I have a good book, and none better to dine alone with than Sarah Wilson’s First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, a meandering yet punchy journey through anxiety that often stops you dead in your tracks with something that strikes a chord you really didn’t want anyone playing:

I wished I wasn’t sane. I really did. When you’re sane, you have to witness the whole bloody unravelling with your eyes wide open.

Ah, Sarah.

Veganic — Second supper

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Best beetroot soup on the planet

The main course(buckwheat pasta) was marginal (possibly too much salt from the salt mines), but the dessert (some kind of brownie pie) helped put a smile back on my face.

Pod Norenami

Naturalny Sklepik

It’s an amazing store (with prices that are much higher than the usual Polish prices). Fruit, veg, fresh bread, everything you’d need to fend for yourself as a vegetarian / vegan (or gluten-free or whatever your case may be). The staff was also exceptionally friendly and we talked about all the great shops in the neighborhood.

“Best kebab in Krakow” — attempt 1

Krowarzywa — Burger attempt #2

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I had a smoothie. It was good.

Vegab — Friday AND Saturday

My food blogging career starts now. Or maybe never.

Smacznego (bon appetit in Polish),

Bryançzççzz (Bryan in Polish)

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