The 2021 BJR Coaster

As a child, some of my favourite commercials were for Rainier Beer. Strangely, I don’t think I’ve ever had one.

If you can’t be an athlete, just lower your expectations.

  1. Run a 10k in x minutes
  2. Do 100 - x burpees in 3 minutes
  3. Swim in the ocean, in one go, 100m times (100 - x)
My new competition.

Family planning

Since it will likely be a while before I get to see Mom again, I’ll call her frequently to explain how these phone calls are primarily relieving my guilt of living half way around the planet.

And three other assorted goals for 2021

¿Ay, caramba. A la escuela otra vez, BJR?

Scoring the nudist-clown-car-filled-with-claustrophobics that was 2020

  1. Cazzo! I never took formal Italian lessons and will not count Duolingo as enough.
  2. I wish I was a little bit taller. I stopped seeing the scoliosis therapist once she shut down her business.
  3. I live my life 20 kilometers at a time. Never did a bush/trail run of that length, or any length for that matter.
  4. BJR Confidential #1. I did not meet my goal about improving my approach to relationships.
  5. BJR Confidential #2. I did not spend the time to work on my largest personal bias. I am going to keep this one for 2021. It’s worth working on.

Glutton for punishment

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at

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Bryan J. Rollins

Bryan J. Rollins

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at

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