The Coaster That Was. The Coaster That Is.

A quick review of 2018:

✅ 4MUM: My goal was to do four special events with my mom while I was in the states. There were four special events (including a birthday concert in her apartment complex, and seeing the musical The Color Purple at The Kennedy Center), however the time just being with Mom, watching TV, or eating lunch, or grocery shopping, was even more special to me.


The coaster for 2019 has two major themes and then some misc items.


Now, normally the “Coaster Ceremony” happens in a restaurant or in someone’s home with enough wine and banter to make sure it’s both fun but provocative (provoking each other to improve in ways that we didn’t quite think of ourselves). But, since I’m in South America, I couldn’t be there to emcee the ceremony. Most people worked on their goals independently.

Last year’s Trello board, after all coaster items were scored

Without further ado, the 2019 BJR Coaster

Theme 1: A New Life

I will start this year in Chile and hopefully end it in Australia, while visiting at least Ecuador, Peru, and Los Estados Unidos. But this year really represents the transition to a new experiment for me, in living and where my life is focused. The best part is that I don’t know where I’ll be living of what I’ll be focusing on yet.

1. There’s No Place Like Oz

In order to make this transition, I can’t get myself killed or permanently injured during my visit to South America and the even-more-dangerous United States of America. This goal will help me be conscious about making smart decisions each and every day. It’s not about eliminating risk, but it’s about not being overtly stupid as I am prone to be on these sorts of trips.

2. Let’s Talk About Earth, Ba-by

I am more convinced that I want to dedicate a large portion of my time to helping minimize the impact of climate change. Right now I don’t understand where I can make the most impact in Australia, and so I am going to find 10 people who can help guide me in the right direction.

3. Mi Casa, Mi Casa

By mid-July, I will have lived out of a suitcase, bicycle, or backpack for an entire year. I need to make a decision on what city and where I will live, at least for the next six months. I need to make a small nest.

Theme 2: A Better Life

This year I want my life to be more honest, more connected, and to continue my pursuit of better and better physical health.


This year I will write a blog about an important topic that I need to out myself on. Last year’s blog on mental health was a big step for me, and I don’t want to stop here. I’ve picked the topic, and it’s a very difficult one for me to write about, though to many people it won’t be a surprise or all that contraversial. Coming to Medium in 2019!

5. Plug into the Peeps

Sam Harris’ podcast with Johann Hari on mental health reminded me of what I learned the hard way in 2017, that connection is the best preventative medicine for mental health. I am lucky to get to visit the US again from May-July, and will get to see some close friends along the route. With each close friend who I visit in the US and Oz, I want to have a deep, connected experience with them, where I am present and not just thinking about where I have to go to next.

6. “2 x 2”

I’m going to keep this one private as well, but it involves a specific connection that’s become more important to me in the last few years. Just to be crystal clear, this does NOT involve dating, much to the delight of some and much to the chagrin of others who enjoyed watching me flounder in past years attempting to get a date with a zebra.

7. Naked Lunches

8. Avocado Face

Tash astutely demanded a frivolous goal for me this year. So, she will be forced to witness my first ever spa day. Yes, mani, pedi, facial, all that stuff. Somehow Tash sees these goals as “growth” for me and I see them as ”humiliation.”

9. Eat Good Stuff

I’d been looking for a book like How Not to Die for a while, and thanks to Sundeep, I found it! I want to apply six specific lessons to my diet, to make sure that I’m focusing on the right nutrients to keep me living until I’m at least 48. How Not To Die is a fantastic, entertaining walk through of all the research that shows that plant-based diets are the way to living healthy for the longest time possible.



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