Watching the (foreign) detectives

Bordertown: Quirky as

I never look this normal in the show. I’m quite dysfunctional. Trust me. But what do you expect when they spell the word “Police” with three i’s.

Wallander: Angst amongst the Swedes

The real mystery is why I am standing in the water. Am I investigating the death of a seahorse?

Young Wallander: Beauty is not so deep

Someday when I am older, I will solve mysteries. For now, I will look like a Gap model from the 90s.

Hinterland: Unintentional Comedy in Wales

If you’ve got a murder to solve, find anyone else but this crew. Even the Waverley Police department in New South Wales wouldn’t make so many mistakes. (Mostly because the NSW Police don’t do anything, but it does leave them mistake-free)

The Valhalla Murders

Flawed characters are always great for gritty realism. This one might be a bit too flawed.

There are a lot of murders in small towns

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Bryan J. Rollins

Bryan J. Rollins

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at

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