What’s Next for BJR: Here’s the plan

NASA has released data showing how temperature and rainfall patterns worldwide may change through the year 2100 because of growing concentrations of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere.
  • To return to Oz for the long term
  • To live in a small town by the ocean
  • To find ‘work’ which has a purpose in helping others
  • To find a community which is intellectually stimulating
  • To find a home where Bear can roam far and wide, and rid the community of cats

Course Correction: Where to Live

  • Small town by the ocean? Ocean, yes. Small, no.
  • Intellectually stimulating? Sydney, yes. Manly, no.
  • Room for Bear to room? Not off-leash.

Will you just stop with the background and explain what you’re doing?

Mission 1: Helping clean tech startups in Oz

  • I’m looking for four clean tech companies who I will spend about 20% of my time with (about a day a week each).

Mission 2: Make industry work for us, rather than against us

  • Help businesses with the challenge of climate change. I recently had the chance to help out with the Not Business As Usual campaign in Australia, where businesses are pledging to support the September 20th climate strike.
  • Help shift the economics around climate change (i.e. shift investments, shift corporate spending, shift consumer purchasing, or shift the actual price of clean products to make them a no-brainer, even for skeptics).

Clarity of purpose

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at http://eepurl.com/dhhmvr

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Bryan J. Rollins

Bryan J. Rollins

A man. A plan. Subscribe via email at http://eepurl.com/dhhmvr

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