It seems like it was just December and I was leaving hotel quarantine at the sub-par Novotel in Homebush. Yet:

Here I go again on my own,
Quarantine me and I-I will atone
Really wish I would have brought my trombone
But I’ve made up my mind
I’m going to strengthen my…

I spent an amazing month with my mom in Virginia in the US, but learned some hard lessons on the trip.

Surprised to leave Australia

Last year, I traveled to the US to move my mom into a new living situation after a bad fall. In April of this year, Mom fell again, but…

July 2nd, 2021, a day which will live in annoyancy, I slipped on a slightly sloped wet boulder along the Kangaroo Creek trail in Royal National Park.

From that brief moment of clumsiness, I would struggle to walk normally for six weeks.

Trigger warning: If you have issues reading a…

Before you think you’re getting a juicy story about BJR and hallucinogenic fungi, guess again. But it’s still pretty mind-altering.

My job at Grok is essentially also the main perk of the job — I get to spend time with incredible founders, and learn about the amazing things they are…

My fourth visit to my favourite part of Australia did not disappoint. As always, Tasmania delivers an escape from the claustrophobia of Sydney, and a chance to experience a little bit of wilderness. Over eight days we had five long bush walks and more dramatic scenery to the point where…

Having recent first-hand experience with the quality of the New South Wales Police force, I needed faith that somewhere in the world, good police work was being done, or at least was being attempted, or was at least was entertaining.

Given our global fascination with crime, it’s no surprise that…

For those of you new to “The Coaster”, it’s my approach to New Year’s Resolutions. Usually I try to gather a group of people and get them to set goals outside their comfort zone, but social distancing and Zoom fatigue meant that Leigh and I set them together. …

14 days in one hotel room with my own ego

After six weeks in the US caring for Mom, I was lucky that 90% of what awaited me upon my return to Sydney was no surprise. Leigh had just exited quarantine so I had great intel on the basics.

This is the Captain speaking. We’ve landed in Sydney. Now after spending 24 hours in a small space, you’re about to spending 14-days in an even smaller one.

Kept together in the herd


I mentioned in my last blog post that I was coming out to the US to help care for my mother.

I’ve never been a caregiver in my entire life. I don’t have kids, and I’ve avoided dependent relationships. The last month has been one long “teachable moment” for me.

What happens if your Mom falls and no one is there to notice?

tl;dr I am spending six weeks in Virginia to care for my mom. While the US is the last place I want to be right now, it’s the right place to be for my family. And yes, during the US Election to boot.

I don’t miss the US medical system

When we first contemplated traveling to the…

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